Nursing Safety. Natural Eczema Treatment for Hands Rubbed Raw

by JungleBrolly on June 21, 2012

Eczema suffererHands rubbed raw? 

The continual need for hand washing is among the major factors that contribute to the development of hand eczema involving nursing staff. The need for hygiene and protection against cross-infection means that nurses must wash their hands as frequently as 40-60 times per shift. Washing your hands as much as 60 times per shift can strip away your skin’s natural defense without allowing it an opportunity to recover. Your hands could be literally scrubbed raw – purely because as a healthcare professional you recognize the ongoing need for cleanliness and hygiene to reduce the risk of infection for yourself and also your patients. Additionally, time restraints in a very hectic schedule may make moisturizing routines take a backseat which can be a further factor in the occurrence and re-occurrence of skin disorders such as eczema and hand dermatitis.

JungleBrolly HandShield® +Antibacterial continues to be effective for up to four hours even after repeated washing with soap and water. Simply by applying the eczema treatment cream before and during your shift you can continue with your normal work regime, including frequent hand washing, secure in the knowledge that your hands are now protected and moisturized at the same time.

The antibacterial component of HandShield® offers added protection against bacterial agents that nurses encounter as a normal part of their work. By helping to neutralize bacteria HandShield® +Antibacterial also provides greater peace of mind for hospital workers and patients.

Recover and heal naturally

Junglebrolly’s eczema treatment cream provides a thin layer of defensive moisturizer that allows the skin to heal and recover naturally. If HandShield is applied prior to handling harmful or caustic substances, your hands will continue to be smooth, protected and healthy. This industry leading product has been developed by a skilled team of skincare specialists.

Just rub HandShield into your hands, and allow 2-3 minutes prior to starting any activity. If applied correctly, HandShield will fully safeguard the skin from grime, disease and bacteria, as the eczema treatment cream goes to work. It’s that easy!

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