Eczema Treatment will Cure your Dog’s Eczema Forever

by JungleBrolly on March 15, 2012

Dog eczema is a chronic skin disease in dogs resulting in increased level of sensitivity to skin irritation. Dog eczema can be a result of sudden changes in temperature and the weather conditions, much like eczema in humans. 

The signs and symptoms of dog eczema depend on the two stages, with the primary stage being dry eczema and the second stage being wet eczema.  The first stage of dog eczema starts off with visible the loss of hair.  Your dog isn’t likely to lose hair everywhere and often will lose sections of hair on numerous parts of their body that have been affected.  A close look at these areas of hair loss will reveal that the skin feels and looks dry when compared to skin on the rest of their body where there’s no baldness.  You may observe that the dog is irritated by these bald spots, continually scratching or licking them.  When dog eczema has reached the wet phase, dog skin rashes have advanced and become more serious.  It is essential to look for early signs and symptoms of dog eczema on your dog’s skin.  This may keep the dog’s eczema from developing to the second stage. 

If the wet stage of dog eczema picks up because of your dog’s continual scratching, and licking, your dog skin rashes could eventually develop wounds.  These breakouts will often bleed. The wet stage of dog eczema is far more aggravating in comparison to the dry stage because the skin breakouts tend to be painful and distressing.

The overall management of dog eczema requires it to be treated, maintained, and prevented.  Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal lotions and ointments may be recommended, particularly with wet dog eczema where the dog is prone to acquiring a skin infection.  Normally using eczema treatments which are designed for humans on your dog is not good at all, but recently some dog owners have reported successful results after apply a natural barrier cream called HandShield. One of many unique attributes of HandShield is it is water-proof for 4-6 hours. Applying to your dog a few times each day will protect the skin and allow it to breath and repair naturally.

See the pictures below showing the amazing improvement in the skin of Hollie (Border Collie/Kelpie/Silky Terrier). Hollie’s owners had spent thousands of dollars trying to treat her skin condition. They were alerted to HandShield and saw the benefits the eczema treatment cream had on humans. Within the first week of applying the cream on Hollie, they started to see a positive response. The itching markedly decreased and the scabbing appeared to start healing. Hollie’s hair was regrowing and her demanor improved. HandShield is not tested on animals, but with its natrual ingredients it may be just what your dog needs to protect the skin from external irritants and give the skin a chance to heal.

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